Sunday, December 7, 2014

DIY Holiday Lantern

Instead of doing the traditional mall mob Black Friday type of shopping, my family and I found ourselves enjoying a leisurely ladies day strolling through a locally-owned, family run craft store in Omaha called Mangelsen's. It's is as big or larger of our Hobby Lobby or Michael's in Des Moines, but a little bit different. Instead of just having craft supplies on shelves, they have wonderful displays and exampled of DIY projects and things to build with the supplies for sale. 

I wandered past an end of an aisle display and immediately fell in love with this lantern. 

 It was on sale for an After Thanksgiving special, only $9.99! (A steal from the retail price of $34.99). It came in silver and the antiqued looking black color.  I was drawn to the black one to match my rustic decor in my family room. I thought I'd put a candle in it and keep it up year round. After my mom and aunt both purchased a lantern too, we decided it be cute to fill them with holiday items. 

The next day I stopped by the dreaded Wal-Mart and restrained myself to only going into the holiday section. I picked up a few items that cost less than $15 total. 

Fake Snow : $3.98
Tiny Strand of attery Operated Lights : $3.98
Mini Snow Covered Tree : $0.98
Sprig of Greenery $0.98
Ribbon: $1.98
Mini Red Balls : $2.98

I filled the bottom with fake snow. Wrapped the lights around the tree and sat it in the middle.  Placed red ball ornaments around it. Tied a burlap bow and wired the bow and greenery to the top. 

Here's the finished product! The little tree is so cute because the lights flash and it looks like a full size decorated tree :) It's currently sitting on a table in my entryway/living room, but would also look adorable on the front porch, hanging on a shepherd's hook or to give as a gift! 

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