Monday, December 1, 2014

Amana Colonies : Holiday Shopping

I've always loved little day trips around Iowa, especially when I get to enjoy them with family. Each year my mother, grandmother, aunt, cousins and I take a day trip between Thanksgiving and Christmas to do some holiday shopping. A great destination is the Amana Colonies, full of history and lots of sightseeing opportunities.

It's just a short walk up and down the street to hit all the quaint shops, woolen mill, delicious restaurants, meatshop & smokehouse, winery, and brewery.

The gift shops and antique shops are loaded up with adorable Christmas decor during the holiday season. So many great ornament finds!

Even though we usually had way too much to eat for Thanksgiving shortly before we go, we always stop for family style German Food at the Ronneburg Restaurant. This year I had Wiener Schnitzel and Chicken spaetzle.

 We love to stop in at Millsteam Brewing Co. I love local craft beer, this year I got a six pack of windmill wheat. Grandma always gets their cream soda :)

Sunset at the end of a beautiful day in the Amana Colonies.

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