Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Cookie Exchange

The ladies in my family and I always have an annual holiday baking day. We dedicate an entire day to gathering in one kitchen, usually around 10 of women, over 25 recipes and unlimited laughter and memories. Sometimes it gets hard to make all those different recipies in one kitchen at one time, so this year we decided to try something different. We had a cookie exchange and decorating day. We all brought already finished cookies and candies. Everyone had their specialties they make year and after year along with new ideas we wanted to try.

That day we just rolled and cut sugar cookie dough and had a decorating party. I think the snowflake cookies turned out elegant looking with the simple blue and white frosting.

We compiled these along with all the goodies everyone brought and had a Christmas treat buffet. Everyone brings their own containers, platters and boxes and go up and down the line to fill make goodie trays for coworkers, neighbors, etc. Even though we've all tried most of the goodies by the time the day is done, we of course make a tray to take home and enjoy too.

Keep watching the blog for an update on what we do for our annual baking day this holiday season! Start a tradition with your family, such an amazing day to enjoy the holiday with everyone for years to come!

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