Sunday, November 30, 2014

Glass Block Holiday Decor

I had never honestly seen or done any glass block crafts before, but was on a DIY spree the day we found these glass blocks for $4.99 as an after Thanksgiving Special at Mangelsen's Craft Store in Omaha. I bought three that day. The next day it only took a couple hours and a few supplies from Walmart to bring life to the glass blocks. I used the remainder of a bag of fake snow I had purchased for another project and sprinkled it along the bottom of the glass block interior. Next, I piled on a couple tiny Christmas ornaments, just small enough to fit in the opening of the glass block. These ornaments were $1 for a package of 10 at Dollar General. After that, I wrapped a $1.98 strand of Christmas lights in some tulle and filled the remainder of the glass block. Between the tulle and the front wall of the glass block, I slid in a thin, red, glittery snowflake shaped Christmas tree ornament ($2.98 for a package of 12 at Walmart). Using shiny sticker from the scrapbooking aisle, I spelled out some cute holiday sayings on the front of the glass block. To complete the look and hide the light cord on top, we wrapped a ribbon around the block like a present and made a bow on top. 

I stuck with a red and silver theme to keep the variety of materials limited and the cost lower, but these would be adorable with blue and silver, or red and green decor also.

Here are my 3 finished products! 

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